Perl6 Documentation

Welcome to the official documentation of the Perl 6 programming language! Besides online browsing and searching, you can also view everything in one file or contribute by reporting issues or sending patches.
Language Reference & Tutorials
A collection of documents describing, in detail, the various conceptual parts of the language.
Type Reference
Index of built-in classes, roles and enums.
Routine Reference
Index of built-in subroutines and methods.
Perl 6 Programs
A collection of documents describing the variables that affect the the Perl 6 executable, how to run the p6doc documentation front-end, how to debug Perl 6 programs, and how to hack on Perl 6 source code.
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
A collection of questions that have cropped up often, along with answers.

The Perl 6 homepage offers a comprehensive list of Perl 6 resources, including tutorials, and how-tos.

You may be interested in the Community page on the main perl6 website. You can find how to get in touch with Perl 6 developers and users through instant chat or mailing lists.

Perl 6 compiler developers may also be interested in The Perl 6 Specification. Documentation for the different but related Perl 5 language can be found on the Perl 5 documentation website.

Part of this official documentation has been translated into Chinese. Here's the index to the pages that have been translated.