Perl 5 to Perl 6 guide - overview

How do I do what I used to do?

These documents should not be mistaken for a beginner tutorial or a promotional overview of Perl 6; it is intended as a technical reference for Perl 6 learners with a strong Perl 5 background and for anyone porting Perl 5 code to Perl 6.

Perl 6 in a nutshell

Perl 6 in a Nutshell provides a quick overview of things changed in syntax, operators, compound statements, regular expressions, command-line flags, and various other bits and pieces.

Syntactic differences

The Syntax section provides an overview of the syntactic differences between Perl 5 and Perl 6: how it is still mostly free form, additional ways to write comments, and how switch is very much a Perl 6 thing.

Operators in Perl 6

The Operators section guides you from the operators in Perl 5's perlop to the equivalent in Perl 6.

Functions in Perl 6

The Functions section describes all of the Perl 5 functions and their Perl 6 equivalent and any differences in behavior. It also provides references to ecosystem modules that provide the Perl 5 behavior of functions, either existing in Perl 6 with slightly different semantics (such as shift), or non-existing in Perl 6 (such as tie).

Special variables in Perl 6

The Special Variables section describes if and how a lot of Perl 5's special (punctuation) variables are supported in Perl 6.