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(Operators) circumfix [ ]

The Array constructor returns an itemized Array that does not flatten in list context. Check this:

say .perl for [3,2,[1,0]]; # OUTPUT: «3␤2␤$[1, 0]␤»

This array is itemized, in the sense that every element constitutes an item, as shown by the $ preceding the last element of the array, the (list) item contextualizer.

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(Operators) postcircumfix [ ]

sub postcircumfix:<[ ]>(@container**@index,

Universal interface for positional access to zero or more elements of a @container, a.k.a. "array indexing operator".

my @alphabet = 'a' .. 'z';
say @alphabet[0];                   # OUTPUT: «a␤» 
say @alphabet[1];                   # OUTPUT: «b␤» 
say @alphabet[*-1];                 # OUTPUT: «z␤» 
say @alphabet[100]:exists;          # OUTPUT: «False␤» 
say @alphabet[1541711].join;  # OUTPUT: «perl␤» 
say @alphabet[23 .. *].perl;        # OUTPUT: «("x", "y", "z")␤» 
@alphabet[12= "B""C";
say @alphabet[0..3].perl            # OUTPUT: «("a", "B", "C", "d")␤»

See Subscripts, for a more detailed explanation of this operator's behavior and for how to implement support for it in custom types.