method Promise

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class Supply

From Supply

(Supply) method Promise

method Promise(Supply:D: --> Promise:D)

Returns a Promise that will be kept when the Supply is done. If the Supply also emits any values, then the Promise will be kept with the final value. Otherwise, it will be kept with Nil. If the Supply ends with a quit instead of a done, then the Promise will be broken with that exception.

my $supplier =;
my $s = $supplier.Supply;
my $p = $s.Promise;
$p.then(-> $v { say "got $v.result()" });
$supplier.emit('cha');         # not output yet 
$supplier.done();              # got cha

The Promise method is most useful when dealing with supplies that will tend to produce just one value, when only the final value is of interest, or when only completion (successful or not) is relevant.