routine emit

Documentation for routine emit assembled from the following types:

class Supplier

From Supplier

(Supplier) method emit

method emit(Supplier:D: Mu \value)

Sends the given value to all of the taps on all of the supplies created by Supply on this Supplier.

class Mu

From Mu

(Mu) method emit

method emit()

Emits the invocant into the enclosing supply or react block.

react { whenever supply { .emit for "foo"42.5 } {
    say "received {.^name} ($_)";
# received Str (foo) 
# received Int (42) 
# received Rat (0.5)

language documentation Independent routines

From Independent routines

(Independent routines) sub emit

Defined as

sub emit(\value --> Nil)

If used outside any supply or react block, throws an exception emit without supply or react. Within a Supply block, it will add a message to the stream.

my $supply = supply {
  for 1 .. 10 {
$supply.tap-> $v { say "First : $v" });

See also the page for emit methods.