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role Dateish

From Dateish

(Dateish) method formatter

Defined as:

method formatter(Dateish:D:)

Returns the formatting function which is used for conversion to Str. If none was provided at object construction, a default formatter is used. In that case the method will return a Callable type object.

The formatting function is called by DateTime method Str with the invocant as its only argument.

my $dt ='2015-12-31');  # (no formatter specified) 
say $dt.formatter.^name;          # OUTPUT: «Callable␤» 
my $us-format = sub ($self{ sprintf "%02d/%02d/%04d" given $self};
$dt ='2015-12-31'formatter => $us-format);
say $dt.formatter.^name;           # OUTPUT: «Sub␤» 
say $dt;                          # OUTPUT: «12/31/2015␤»