method handle

Documentation for method handle assembled from the following types:

class X::Proc::Async::CharsOrBytes

From X::Proc::Async::CharsOrBytes

(X::Proc::Async::CharsOrBytes) method handle

method handle(X::Proc::Async::CharsOrBytes:D: --> Str:D)

Returns the name of the handle that was accessed both for text and for binary data, stdout or stderr.

class X::Proc::Async::TapBeforeSpawn

From X::Proc::Async::TapBeforeSpawn

(X::Proc::Async::TapBeforeSpawn) method handle

method handle(X::Proc::Async::TapBeforeSpawn:D: --> Str:D)

Returns the name of the handle (stdout or stderr) that was accessed after the program started.