method hash

Documentation for method hash assembled from the following types:

role Baggy

From Baggy

(Baggy) method hash

Defined as:

method hash(Baggy:D: --> Hash:D)

Returns a Hash where the elements of the invocant are the keys and their respective weights the values.

my $breakfast = bag <eggs bacon bacon>;
my $h = $breakfast.hash;
say $h.^name;                    # OUTPUT: «Hash[Any,Any]␤» 
say $h;                          # OUTPUT: «{bacon => 2, eggs => 1}␤»

class Any

From Any

(Any) method hash

Defined as:

multi method hash(Any:U:)
multi method hash(Any:D:)

When called on a type object, returns an empty Hash. On instances, it is equivalent to assigning the invocant to a %-sigiled variable and returning that.

Subclasses of Any may choose to return any core type that does the Associative role from .hash. Use .Hash to coerce specifically to Hash.

my $d# $d is Any 
say $d.hash# OUTPUT: {} 
my %m is Map = => 42=> 666;
say %m.hash;  # => 42, b => 666)) 
say %m.Hash;  # {a => 42, b => 666} 

role QuantHash

From QuantHash

(QuantHash) method hash

method hash()

Coerces the QuantHash object to a Hash (by stringifying the objects for the keys) with the values of the hash limited to the same limitation as QuantHash, and returns that.

class Capture

From Capture

(Capture) method hash

Defined as:

method hash(Capture:D:)

Returns the named/hash part of the Capture.

my Capture $c = \(235apples => (red => 2));
say $c.hash# OUTPUT: «␤»

class Match

From Match

(Match) method hash

Returns a hash of named submatches.