sub is-deeply

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module Test

From Test

(Test) sub is-deeply

Defined as:

multi sub is-deeply(Seq:D $gotSeq:D $expected$reason = '')
multi sub is-deeply(Seq:D $gotMu $expected$reason = '')
multi sub is-deeply(Mu $gotSeq:D $expected$reason = '')
multi sub is-deeply(Mu $gotMu $expected$reason = '')

Marks a test as passed if $value and $expected are equivalent, using the same semantics as the eqv operator. This is the best way to check for equality of (deep) data structures. The function accepts an optional description of the test as the last argument.

use Test;
plan 1;
sub string-info(Str() $_{ (
      length  =>  .chars,
      char-counts => (
          letters => +.comb(/<:letter>/),
          digits  => +.comb(/<:digit>/),
          other   => +.comb(/<.-:letter-:digit>/),
is-deeply string-info('42 Butterflies ♥ Perl'),
    char-counts => ( :15letters, :2digits, :4other, )
)), 'string-info gives right info';

Note: for historical reasons, Seq:D arguments to is-deeply get converted to Lists. If you want to ensure strict Seq comparisons, use cmp-ok $got, 'eqv', $expected, $desc instead.