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(Operators) prefix let

sub prefix:<let>(Mu $a is rw)

Refers to a variable in an outer scope whose value will be restored if the block exits unsuccessfully, implying that the block returned a defined object.

my $name = "Jane Doe";
    let $name = prompt("Say your name ");
    die if !$name;
    CATCH {
        default { say "No name entered" }
    say "We have $name";
say "We got $name";

This code provides a default name for $name. If the user exits from the prompt or simply does not provide a valid input for $name; let will restore the default value provided at the top. If user input is valid, it will keep that.

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(Variables) prefix let

Restores the previous value if the block exits unsuccessfully. A successful exit means the block returned a defined value or a list.

my $answer = 42;
    let $answer = 84;
    die if not Bool.pick;
    CATCH {
        default { say "it's been reset :(" }
    say "we made it 84 sticks!";
say $answer;

In the above case, if the Bool.pick returns true, the answer will stay as 84 because the block returns a defined value (say returns True). Otherwise the die statement will cause the block to exit unsuccessfully, resetting the answer to 42.