method minpairs

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role Setty

From Setty

(Setty) method minpairs

Defined As:

multi method minpairs(Setty:D: --> Seq:D)

Returns the value of self.pairs (as all Pairs have minimum values). See also Any.minpairs

class Any

From Any

(Any) method minpairs

Defined as:

multi method minpairs(Any:D:)

Calls .pairs and returns a Seq with all of the Pairs with minimum values, as judged by the cmp operator:

<a b c a b c>.minpairs.perl.put# OUTPUT: «(0 => "a", 3 => "a").Seq␤» 
%(:42a, :75b).minpairs.perl.put# OUTPUT: «(:a(42),).Seq␤»