method parameter

Documentation for method parameter assembled from the following types:

class X::Parameter::WrongOrder

From X::Parameter::WrongOrder

(X::Parameter::WrongOrder) method parameter

Returns the name of the (first) misplaced parameter

class X::Parameter::Placeholder

From X::Parameter::Placeholder

(X::Parameter::Placeholder) method parameter

The text of the offensive parameter declaration ($:param in the example above).

class X::Parameter::MultipleTypeConstraints

From X::Parameter::MultipleTypeConstraints

(X::Parameter::MultipleTypeConstraints) method parameter

Returns the name of the offensive parameter.

class X::Parameter::Twigil

From X::Parameter::Twigil

(X::Parameter::Twigil) method parameter

The name of the offensive parameter ($=foo in the example above)

class X::Parameter::Default

From X::Parameter::Default

(X::Parameter::Default) method parameter

Returns the parameter name