method race

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class RaceSeq

From RaceSeq

(RaceSeq) method race

method race(RaceSeq:D:)

Returns the object.

role Iterable

From Iterable

(Iterable) method race

Defined as:

method race(Int(Cool:$batch = 64Int(Cool:$degree = 4 --> Iterable)

Returns another Iterable that is potentially iterated in parallel, with a given batch size and degree of parallelism (number of parallel workers).

Unlike hyper, race does not preserve the order of elements.

say ([1..100]{ $_ +1 }).list);

Use race in situations where it is OK to do the processing of items in parallel, and the output order does not matter. See hyper for situations where you want items processed in parallel and the output order should be kept relative to the input order.

Blog post on the semantics of hyper and race

See hyper for an explanation of :$batch and :$degree.

class HyperSeq

From HyperSeq

(HyperSeq) method race

method race(HyperSeq:D:)

Creates a RaceSeq object out of the current one.