method sigil

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class Parameter

From Parameter

(Parameter) method sigil

Defined as:

method sigil(Parameter:D: --> Str:D)

Returns a string containing the parameter's sigil, for a looser definition of "sigil" than what is considered part of the variable's name|method name. Still returns a sigil even if the parameter is anonymous.

This "sigil" is actually an introspection used to help determine the normal binding style of a parameter, if it has not been altered through a trait.

Sigil Will bind to Default behavior
$ Scalar Generate new Scalar, use instead of Scalar in argument, if any
@ Positional Bind directly to the argument
@ PositionalBindFailover If binding failed, call argument's .cache method, bind to result
% Associative Bind directly to the argument
& Callable Bind directly to the argument
\ (anything) Bind directly to the argument, keep existing Scalar, if any

Also, | will bind to all remaining arguments and make new Capture if needed.