sub skip-rest

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module Test

From Test

(Test) sub skip-rest

Defined as:

sub skip-rest($reason = '<unknown>')

Skip the remaining tests. If the remainder of the tests in the test file would all fail due to some condition, use this function to skip them, providing an optional $reason as to why.

my $locationsub womble { ... }...;
unless $location ~~ "Wimbledon Common" {
    skip-rest "We can't womble, the remaining tests will fail";
# tests requiring functional wombling 
ok womble();
# ... 

Note that skip-rest requires a plan to be set, otherwise the skip-rest call will throw an error. Note that skip-rest does not exit the test run. Do it manually, or use conditionals to avoid running any further tests.

See also plan :skip-all('...') to avoid running any tests at all and bail-out to abort the test run and mark it as failed.