method stdout

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class Proc::Async

From Proc::Async

(Proc::Async) method stdout

method stdout(Proc::Async:D: :$bin --> Supply:D)

Returns the Supply for the external program's standard output stream. If :bin is passed, the standard output is passed along in binary as Blob, otherwise it is interpreted as UTF-8, decoded, and passed along as Str.

my $proc ='echo''Perl 6');
$proc.stdout.tap-> $str {
    say "Got output '$str' from the external program";
my $promise = $proc.start;
await $promise;

You must call stdout before you call method start. Otherwise an exception of class X::Proc::Async::TapBeforeSpawn is thrown.

If stdout is not called, the external program's standard output is not captured at all.

Note that you cannot call stdout both with and without :bin on the same object; it will throw an exception of type X::Proc::Async::CharsOrBytes if you try.

Use .Supply for merged STDOUT and STDERR.