routine substr-rw

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class Cool

From Cool

(Cool) routine substr-rw

Defined as:

multi method substr-rw(|) is rw
multi sub substr-rw(|) is rw

Coerces the invocant (or in the sub form, the first argument) to Str, and calls Str.substr-rw with the arguments.

class Str

From Str

(Str) method substr-rw

method substr-rw($from$length = *)

A version of substr that returns a Proxy functioning as a writable reference to a part of a string variable. Its first argument, $from specifies the index in the string from which a substitution should occur, and its last argument, $length specifies how many characters are to be replaced. If not specified, $length defaults to the length of the string.

For example, in its method form, if one wants to take the string "abc" and replace the second character (at index 1) with the letter "z", then one does this:

my $string = "abc";
$string.substr-rw(11= "z";
$string.say;                         # OUTPUT: «azc␤»

Note that new characters can be inserted as well:

my $string = 'azc';
$string.substr-rw(20= "-Zorro-"# insert new characters BEFORE the character at index 2 
$string.say;                         # OUTPUT: «az-Zorro-c␤»

substr-rw also has a function form, so the above examples can also be written like so:

my $string = "abc";
substr-rw($string11= "z";
$string.say;                          # OUTPUT: «azc␤» 
substr-rw($string20= "-Zorro-";
$string.say;                          # OUTPUT: «az-Zorro-c␤»

It is also possible to alias the writable reference returned by substr-rw for repeated operations:

my $string = "A character in the 'Flintstones' is: barney";
$string ~~ /(barney)/;
my $ref := substr-rw($string$0.from$$0.from);
# OUTPUT: «A character in the 'Flintstones' is: barney␤» 
$ref = "fred";
# OUTPUT: «A character in the 'Flintstones' is: fred␤» 
$ref = "wilma";
# OUTPUT: «A character in the 'Flintstones' is: wilma␤»