method total

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role Baggy

From Baggy

(Baggy) method total

Defined as:

method total(Baggy:D:)

Returns the sum of weights for all elements in the Baggy object.

my $breakfast = bag <eggs spam spam bacon>;
say $;                             # OUTPUT: «4␤» 
my $n = ("a" => 5"b" => 1"b" => 2).BagHash;
say $;                                     # OUTPUT: «8␤»

role Setty

From Setty

(Setty) method total

method total(--> Int)

The total of all the values of the QuantHash object. For a Setty object, this is just the number of elements.

role Mixy

From Mixy

(Mixy) method total

method total(--> Real)

Returns the sum of all the weights

say mix('a''b''c''a''a''d').total == 6;  # OUTPUT: «True␤» 
say %(=> 5.6=> 2.4) == 8;          # OUTPUT: «True␤»