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From Type system

(Type system) trait trusts

To allow one class to access the private methods of another class use the trait trusts. A forward declaration of the trusted class may be required.

class B {...};
class A {
    trusts B;
    has $!foo;
    method !foo { return-rw $!foo }
    method perl { " => $!foo)" }
class B {
    has A $.a .= new;
    method change { $!a!A::foo = 42self }
# OUTPUT: « => => 42))␤»

role Metamodel::Trusting

From Metamodel::Trusting

(Metamodel::Trusting) method trusts

method trusts(Metamodel::Trusting:D: $type --> List)

Returns a list of types that the invocant trusts.

class A { trusts Int};
say .^name for A.^trusts;       # Int