method type

Documentation for method type assembled from the following types:

class Parameter

From Parameter

(Parameter) method type

Returns the nominal type constraint of the parameter.

class Attribute

From Attribute

(Attribute) method type

Defined as:

method type(Attribute:D: --> Mu)

Returns the type constraint of the attribute.

class TypeHouse {
    has Int @.array;
    has $!scalar;
    has @.mystery;
my @types = TypeHouse.^attributes(:local)[0..2];
for 0..2 { say @types[$_].type }
# OUTPUT: «(Positional[Int]) 
# (Mu) 
# (Positional)␤»

class Pod::FormattingCode

From Pod::FormattingCode

(Pod::FormattingCode) method type

method type(--> Mu)

class X::Bind::Slice

From X::Bind::Slice

(X::Bind::Slice) method type

method type(X::Bind::Slice:D:)

returns the type object of the thing that you tried to slice-bind, for example Array, List or Hash.

class X::Does::TypeObject

From X::Does::TypeObject

(X::Does::TypeObject) method type

method type(X::Does::TypeObject:D: --> Mu:U)

Returns the type object into which the code tried to mix in a role.