routine uniprop

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class Cool

From Cool

(Cool) routine uniprop

Defined as:

multi sub uniprop(Str:D|c)
multi sub uniprop(Int:D $code)
multi sub uniprop(Int:D $codeStringy:D $propname)
multi method uniprop(|c)

Returns the unicode property of the first character. If no property is specified returns the General Category. Returns a Bool for Boolean properties. A uniprops routine can be used to get the property for every character in a string.

say 'a'.uniprop;               # OUTPUT: «Ll␤» 
say '1'.uniprop;               # OUTPUT: «Nd␤» 
say 'a'.uniprop('Alphabetic'); # OUTPUT: «True␤» 
say '1'.uniprop('Alphabetic'); # OUTPUT: «False␤»