routine unival

Documentation for routine unival assembled from the following types:

class Int

From Int

(Int) routine unival

Defined as:

multi sub    unival(Int:D  --> Numeric)
multi method unival(Int:D: --> Numeric)

Returns the number represented by the Unicode codepoint with the given integer number, or NaN if it does not represent a number.

say ord("¾").unival;    # OUTPUT: «0.75␤» 
say 190.unival;         # OUTPUT: «0.75␤» 
say unival(65);         # OUTPUT: «NaN␤»

class Str

From Str

(Str) method unival

multi method unival(Str:D --> Numeric)

Returns the numeric value that the first codepoint in the invocant represents, or NaN if it's not numeric.

say '4'.unival;     # OUTPUT: «4␤» 
say '¾'.unival;     # OUTPUT: «0.75␤» 
say 'a'.unival;     # OUTPUT: «NaN␤»