method write

Documentation for method write assembled from the following types:

class Proc::Async

From Proc::Async

(Proc::Async) method write

method write(Proc::Async:D: Blob:D $b:$scheduler = $*SCHEDULER --> Promise:D)

Write the binary data in $b to the standard input stream of the external program.

Returns a Promise that will be kept once the data has fully landed in the input buffer of the external program.

The Proc::Async object must be created for writing (with, $path, @args)). Otherwise an X::Proc::Async::OpenForWriting exception will the thrown.

start must have been called before calling method write, otherwise an X::Proc::Async::MustBeStarted exception is thrown.

class IO::CatHandle

From IO::CatHandle

(IO::CatHandle) method write

Defined as:

multi method write(|)

The IO::CatHandle type overrides this method to throw a X::NYI exception. If you have a good idea for how this method should behave, tell Rakudo developers about it!

role IO::Socket

From IO::Socket

(IO::Socket) method write

method write(IO::Socket:D: Blob:D $buf)

Writes the supplied buffer to the socket, thus sending it to other end of the connection. The string version is method print.

Fails if the socket is not connected.

class IO::Handle

From IO::Handle

(IO::Handle) method write

Defined as:

method write(IO::Handle:D: Blob:D $buf --> True)

Writes $buf to the filehandle. This method can be called even when the handle is not in binary mode.

class IO::Socket::Async

From IO::Socket::Async

(IO::Socket::Async) method write

method write(Blob $b --> Promise)

This method will attempt to send the bytes in $b on the IO::Socket::Async that will have been obtained indirectly via connect or listen, returning a Promise that will be kept with the number of bytes sent or broken if there was an error sending.