Raku domain-specific Types

class Attribute Member variable
class Cancellation Removal of a task from a Scheduler before normal completion
class Channel Thread-safe queue for sending values from producers to consumers
class CompUnit CompUnit
role CompUnit::Repository CompUnit::Repository
class CompUnit::Repository::FileSystem CompUnit::Repository::FileSystem
class CompUnit::Repository::Installation CompUnit::Repository::Installation
class Distro Distribution related information
class Grammar Formal grammar made up of named regexes
role IO Input/output related routines
class IO::ArgFiles Iterate over contents of files specified on command line
class IO::CatHandle Use multiple IO handles as if they were one
class IO::Handle Opened file or stream
class IO::Notification Asynchronous notification for file and directory changes
class IO::Path File or directory path
class IO::Path::Cygwin IO::Path pre-loaded with IO::Spec::Cygwin
class IO::Path::QNX IO::Path pre-loaded with IO::Spec::QNX
class IO::Path::Unix IO::Path pre-loaded with IO::Spec::Unix
class IO::Path::Win32 IO::Path pre-loaded with IO::Spec::Win32
class IO::Pipe Buffered inter-process string or binary stream
role IO::Socket Network socket
class IO::Socket::Async Asynchronous socket in TCP or UDP
class IO::Socket::INET TCP Socket
class IO::Spec Platform specific operations on file and directory paths
class IO::Spec::Cygwin Platform specific operations on file and directory paths for Cygwin
class IO::Spec::QNX Platform specific operations on file and directory paths QNX
class IO::Spec::Unix Platform specific operations on file and directory paths for POSIX
class IO::Spec::Win32 Platform specific operations on file and directory paths for Windows
class IO::Special Path to special I/O device
class Kernel Kernel related information
class Lock A low-level, re-entrant, mutual exclusion lock
class Match Result of a successful regex match
enum Order Human readable form for comparison operators.
class Pod::Block Block in a Pod document
class Pod::Block::Code Verbatim code block in a Pod document
class Pod::Block::Comment Comment in a Pod document
class Pod::Block::Declarator Declarator block in a Pod document
class Pod::Block::Named Named block in a Pod document
class Pod::Block::Para Paragraph in a Pod document
class Pod::Block::Table Table in a Pod document
class Pod::Defn Pod definition list
class Pod::FormattingCode Pod formatting code
class Pod::Heading Heading in a Pod document
class Pod::Item Item in a Pod enumeration list
class Proc Running process (filehandle-based interface)
class Proc::Async Running process (asynchronous interface)
class Promise Status/result of an asynchronous computation
class Regex String pattern
role Scheduler Scheme for automatically assigning tasks to threads
class Semaphore Control access to shared resources by multiple threads
class Supplier Live Supply factory
class Supplier::Preserving Cached live Supply factory
class Supply Asynchronous data stream with multiple subscribers
role Systemic Information related to the build system
class Tap Subscription to a Supply
class Thread Concurrent execution of code (low-level)
class ThreadPoolScheduler Scheduler that distributes work among a pool of threads
class VM Perl 6 Virtual Machine related information