class Metamodel::PackageHOW

Metaobject representing a Perl 6 package.

class Metamodel::PackageHOW
  does Metamodel::Naming
  does Metamodel::Documenting
  does Metamodel::Stashing
  does Metamodel::TypePretense
  does Metamodel::MethodDelegation { }

Metamodel::ClassHOW is the metaclass behind the package keyword.

package P {};
say P.HOW# OUTPUT: «␤»

Warning: This class is part of the Rakudo implementation, not a part of the language itself.


method archetypes

Defined as:

method archetypes()

Returns the archetypes for this model, that is, the properties a metatype can implement.

method new

Defined as:

method new(*%named)

Creates a new PackageHOW.

method new_type

Defined as:

method new_type(:$name = '<anon>':$repr:$ver:$auth)

Creates a new package, with optional representation, version and auth field.


Defined as:

method compose($obj:$compiler_services)

Sets the metapackage as composed.


Defined as:

method is_composed($obj)

Returns the composed status of the metapackage.

Type Graph

Type relations for Metamodel::PackageHOW
perl6-type-graph Metamodel::PackageHOW Metamodel::PackageHOW Any Any Metamodel::PackageHOW->Any Metamodel::Naming Metamodel::Naming Metamodel::PackageHOW->Metamodel::Naming Metamodel::Documenting Metamodel::Documenting Metamodel::PackageHOW->Metamodel::Documenting Metamodel::Stashing Metamodel::Stashing Metamodel::PackageHOW->Metamodel::Stashing Metamodel::TypePretense Metamodel::TypePretense Metamodel::PackageHOW->Metamodel::TypePretense Metamodel::MethodDelegation Metamodel::MethodDelegation Metamodel::PackageHOW->Metamodel::MethodDelegation Mu Mu Any->Mu

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Routines supplied by role Metamodel::Naming

Metamodel::PackageHOW does role Metamodel::Naming, which provides the following routines:

(Metamodel::Naming) method name

method name($type)

Returns the name of the metaobject, if any.

say 42.^name;       # OUTPUT: «Int␤»

(Metamodel::Naming) method set_name

method set_name($type$new_name)

Sets the new name of the metaobject.