class Pod::Block

Block in a Pod document

class Pod::Block { }

Class for a Pod block, and base class for most other Pod classes.

A Pod block has contents (more pod blocks or strings) and a config hash.

Useful subclasses:

Class Used for
Pod::Block::Para paragraphs
Pod::Block::Named named blocks
Pod::Block::Declarator declarator blocks
Pod::Block::Code code blocks
Pod::Block::Comment comments
Pod::Block::Table =begin/end table
tabular data
Pod::Heading =head1 etc. headings
Pod::Item list items
Pod::Defn definition lists
Pod::FormattingCode formatting codes


method contents

method contents(--> Positional:D)

Returns a list of contents of this block.

method config

method config(--> Map:D)

Returns a hash of configs.

Type Graph

Type relations for Pod::Block
perl6-type-graph Pod::Block Pod::Block Any Any Pod::Block->Any Mu Mu Any->Mu Pod::Block::Named Pod::Block::Named Pod::Block::Named->Pod::Block Pod::Block::Declarator Pod::Block::Declarator Pod::Block::Declarator->Pod::Block Pod::Item Pod::Item Pod::Item->Pod::Block Pod::FormattingCode Pod::FormattingCode Pod::FormattingCode->Pod::Block Pod::Defn Pod::Defn Pod::Defn->Pod::Block Pod::Block::Para Pod::Block::Para Pod::Block::Para->Pod::Block Pod::Block::Comment Pod::Block::Comment Pod::Block::Comment->Pod::Block Pod::Heading Pod::Heading Pod::Heading->Pod::Block Pod::Block::Code Pod::Block::Code Pod::Block::Code->Pod::Block Pod::Block::Table Pod::Block::Table Pod::Block::Table->Pod::Block

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