class Telemetry::Instrument::Thread

Instrument for collecting Thread data

class Telemetry::Instrument::Thread { }

Note: This class is a Rakudo-specific feature and not standard Perl 6.

Objects of this class are generally not created by themselves, but rather through making a snapshot.

This class provides the following data points (in alphabetical order):

The number of threads that ended with an exception (threads-aborted).

The number of threads that completed without any problem (threads-completed).

Highest OS thread ID seen (thread-highest-id).

The number of threads that were joined (threads-joined).

The number of threads that were started (threads-started).

The number of times a thread was yielded (threads-yielded).

Type Graph

Type relations for Telemetry::Instrument::Thread
perl6-type-graph Telemetry::Instrument::Thread Telemetry::Instrument::Thread Any Any Telemetry::Instrument::Thread->Any Mu Mu Any->Mu

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